• Development and design of theme parks and attractions
• Identifying compelling propositions to drive footfall
• Concept attraction design & theme park master planning
• Show direction, dark ride choreography & scripting
• Consultation and team support
• Project management
• Detailed design development
• On site art direction and consultation
• Refurbishment and improvement of existing attractions



Original Intellectual properties help to make your theme parks and attractions stand out from the rest. They enable your business to launch a strong immersive attraction to solidify your marketing, attract footfall and create opportunities to branch out into games, apps, film, merchandise, audio and printed media. This drives extra revenue giving your brand a presence in consumers’ homes and creating a ‘fan base’.


We develop compelling propositions appealing to current market trends to support the production of creative briefs.



We can help you to grow your existing park, planning for new lands adding to your existing portfolio of attractions, or maximising the space available to plan new theme parks formed of incredible worlds of fantasy. Our focus for all projects is creating marketable experiences to drive footfall.


All operational requirements are considered including locations for utilities, retail, food and beverage offerings and other opportunities to drive secondary spend whilst ensuring your theme park amazes all who visit.



We produce compelling propositions and original intellectual properties to complement your existing brand and make your new development stand out against the competition. Tailored attraction concepts are produced based on your individual client needs, be it a roller coaster, immersive dark ride or a family friendly educational walk through.


Our concept designs are developed with budgets in mind so you can be certain all visuals presented are not only beautiful but are achievable within the constraints of the project.



Working as an “extra pair of eyes” for many clients, applying our vast experience and knowledge to their unique projects.

We can review the operation of your existing/proposed attraction to ensure the anticipated throughputs are realistic, verify the project budget and programme and identify ways to save time and money whilst ensuring your attraction operates as planned from day one.



We approach all of our projects with a story. Stories connect to audiences on an emotional level and take them on journeys and adventures they never thought possible. This is the core of our business, work and passion - strong stories, emotional connections and engaging brand development to help drive visitation, brand awareness and a stronger guest experience.


The storyline is developed and translated into the attraction experience through the production of storyboards and the creation of unforgettable characters. We then work with our experienced production partners to bring those stories to life using the latest ride hardware and technology advancements.


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