Firefly Creations themed entertainment consultants design original experiences for theme parks, resorts, water parks, FECs and museums. We create the stories, orchestrate the design process and deliver bespoke worlds creating immersive attractions ranging from thrilling roller coasters through to family friendly walk-throughs and everything in between.

We develop rich narratives connecting to audiences on an emotional level to create memorable experiences engaging guests before, during and after their visit, driving footfall and providing additional branding and revenue generating opportunities.

Michelle Hicks - Executive Producer

‘I build the dreams and bring the stories to life. I coordinate the very best experience design and construction companies from all over the world and integrate their work seamlessly. When all of the elements come together in an attraction it creates a truly magical experience’

Andrew Porter - Creative Director

‘I am a story teller and show director. I create and imagine new worlds and experiences that take families and friends on epic emotional adventures. Seeing their faces and smiles after an experience, laughing and having fun together, makes all the hard work and team effort worthwhile’

Andrew and Michelle have been working in the themed entertainment industry for many years working with world leading entertainment and operational companies leading and delivering the creation of award winning projects ranging from state of the art roller coasters and dark rides through to innovative water rides, walkthrough adventures and zoo exhibits. Their overarching goal is to amaze, entertain and immerse an audience in a world of stories and magic in an experience they will never forget.


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